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Christmas at 38 Studios

So, to celebrate Christmas at 38 Studios, it was suggested we hold a Happy Muppetmas Thunderdome!  Why not?   :)  So here is a muppet me!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Up here in Rhode Island...

So...I have been up here in the Northern/Eastern United States for about a month now, and I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying the weather.  Having been brought up in the South...(where you know nothing but heat) I am greatly enjoying being able to walk outside and not be dripping wet in five seconds.  :)

The most exciting part is working at 38 Studios....I still can't get over what a great place it is.  I came up here as an environment artist, and I have found my place as a texture artist.  Fine art is a great love of mine, and when I can digitally paint 24/7 it is like a dream come true.
So...the short of the long is that I haven't had too much time to sketch and fiddle around with a pen and paper.  However, I have done a few sketches during lunch break.

These are done in Art Rage, which I have not heard of before, but I must say that for sketching, it is far superior to photoshop.  :)

Signing off now!

A few concepts....Part 1

Hello again Journal!
I was thinking since I do a lot of sketching and conceptual drawings here and there...i thought i would randomly post some of these updates.  So, this would be the first of these posts.  :)

Let's see, i'll start with some creature sketches:

Some clothing studies....

This next one is a goatman concept I thought about for about 2 I roughly sketched out a couple studies of the body and armour (if he should wear any)

This next painting of a tiger was a quick study I did for a friend as a gift for her college graduation.  White Tiger Cubs are her favorite.
3 hours tops.

Here are 2 more full-color sketches that I spent hm...a couple hours on.  I am listening to the Salvatore's audio books, and so I think i had "dark elf" in my mind.  I am not happy with the outcome, but I will get better.  I try to post a good collection so that someday I can see my progress.  :)  Its a journey...and I really doubt I will ever get to the point where I am …

Storm Valley Speedpaint

Hello Journal,
I've been working on a lot of 2d art here recently, and came across an older speedpaint that i did.  This particular speedpaint was not referenced directly from anything, but rather I knew what I wanted and looked up reference images as I needed them.
I think it took me 1 hour to 2 hours...tops.  It was a little while ago.  :)

Viper Wing Dragon

Hello Journal,
it seems like an eternity since I have sat down to write an update.  There is much to tell...but I think I will stick with simply showing what has happened.  Since I have covered both the Maasai Girl and Shaolin Monks already, I will share the model I developed after my "Viper Wing" dragon concept.  His name is Riddley, as named by one of my talented lab instructors, Seth Freeman.

This was a concept I came up with, after doing some research and getting inspiration.  Usually, I like to do some concept work in Zbrush, to give me a feel for the size and mass of the creature.  But since I had pretty solid drawings, I immediately went into Maya and was able to get the base mesh good and solid before heading into Zbrush, which is the way I prefer to work anyways.

If you would like to see more of this initial process, click HERE.

So, without further to ado, here is one of the closer head renders:

Since I was focusing on the modeling aspect of this creature, I really …

Shaolin Monks

Hello Journal,
I looked back on my monk post, and I realized there was much I didn't show, so I am going to give a final overview of the Shaolin Monk piece now.
This piece was meant to be a sculptural piece, so I didn't paint any textures for this piece.  In fact, I had someone ask me how I colored the monks, and the truth is...I really didn't.  :)
Nuke, once again, did the magic.

Here are some screenshots of my maya setup:

I also did a lot in Zbrush, because it was easier to get the organic folds of the cloth by sculpting them:

All I really used for the monks were my normals I generated from zbrush and Xnormal.  Here are two examples:

 So, if we zoom ahead a couple of painful render times, this is what I came up with out of Maya's mental ray:

But, knowing me,...I decided to have a little fun.  This piece was supposed to be a dramatic, sculptural piece, but while I was waiting for other renders to finish...(for instance, the ViperWing Dragon Renders..ha ha), I quickly …

Some Environment Work...

Hello Journal,
I am working on a couple new projects right a lot of new things are under way!
So, since nothing is in a "post-able" state, I thought I would show some older, environment stuff.


A couple months ago, I did some environment modeling, texturing, and lighting for one of my classes.  It was actually two classes, and I chose to combine the two together and work on one asset of my creation.  So, instead of modeling and environment in the first class, and then shading & lighting a completely different environment in the next class, I decided to shade & light the environment I modeled.
All the textures are procedurally done.  As much as I love hand-painting textures, this was a good exercise as well.
Here is the reference photo for this project:

And here are some screencaps of the model that worked on in Maya:

 After the model was done, I set up Cameras and started blocking out lighting:

So after a lot of wrangling nodes in the hypershade..…

India Girl

Hello Journal,
So, it has been an interested few weeks here, as I have been working on a large mural for a stage set this week.  I will post the status on that shortly.
But since I finished that big project today, i finally had time to finish my India Girl painting.  I forgot to post the progress on that, so I will just post my stages here.

As usual, here is the reference for the painting:

And here is my painting progress, all done in Photoshop, and the only thing I sampled were my colors...I don't use cloning or copy/pasting for these paintings, because I am trying to build up my painting and compositional skills.  So, I just eyeball it.  It is better practice for me this way.
Mostly, my tools include -  a hard and soft brush, the eraser, and LOTS of layers and masks.  :)  Nothing fancy.

Stage 1 - Blockout

Stage 2 - Face Detail

Stage 3 - Clothing Detail

Stage 4 - Hair and Shirt Ornaments

Stage 5 - Final

There you have it.  She was a fun face to work on.  I think what I liked abou…

Maasai Girl

Hello Journal,

I think I am finally ready to give a good overview of this model.

Raw mental-ray render out of Maya

Wireframe contour

SSS maps painted with zbrush, mudbox, and photoshop

Some of the ID mattes I rendered....they are cheap and so useful in Nuke!

matte used for bead variance and dirtiness

other ID mattes....

So, without post.....

and with post....

Here are links to the works in progress, if you would like to know what exactly i did to come up with this result.
WIP 2   and  WIP 1