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St. Mathieu Sunset Speedpaint

Hello Journal,
I woke up too early today and couldn't get back to sleep.  Since I had an hour before I had to start my day, I decided to do another speedpaint.
My goal was to do it in under half an hour....and I almost did it...not quite though.  I was a few minutes over that mark.
I just need to do them when I really am under a time constraint.   :)
This was a lot of fun though - a sunset over a rocky shoreline in France.  I would've liked to have been there.

Here is the link to Juza Photography:

Here is the first stage of the picture:

And here is the second stage of the picture:

Perhaps I will do the final stage soon.  I would love to add detail to this.

Shaolin Monks - WIP 1

Hello Journal,
Today I am going to tell you about my second asset...which I created in January. 
I will try to do as litte talking as possible...and just post pictures.
Here the reference pictures for the monks...very inspiring i must say.  I think what I like best about them is that they create some awesome negative space with their silhouettes.  It is very appealing to the eye.

Here is some of my pre-pro for this asset.  Usually my drawings contain a lot of nicely rendered out drawings...but the monks had more rough sketches and action lines.  It was more important get the feel of suspended movement than color and shading.

And here is what I wanted to do for the poses.

The hardest part of making this 3d was the cloth.  I ran into several issues, the most important being the thickness of the cloth.  In Zbrush, a thin piece of geometry doesn't sculpt midres detail because it ends up pushing geometry through each other.
There were several ways I could fix this, like laying out uvs…

Connochaetes taurinus

Hello Journal,
It sure has been busy around here...and to be honest...I should much rather be in bed than up at this hours of the night (or morning...).  But I have really been missing out on my painting time, so I decided to finish this painting up, since I really was wanting to have it done sooner.

Here is the reference to Juza Photography again:

And here is the finished piece.  I took a few liberties and just had fun.  I found my mind wandering to sun all the time...maybe because all i do is sit in the dark staring at the light of my monitor....something to think about.  :) 

Now, i will go to bed for a few hours.  :)  This was very satisfying though.  I am glad I finished it.

To see the earlier HERE

Maasai Girl - WIP 2

Dear Journal,

I have two hours before stepping into panel review, which is possibly one of the most important events here at Full Sail.  I am very excited, and am anxious to hear the feedback from industry professionals.
I finally was able to get the Maasai Girl rendering with beads and everything, and I set up a lot of ID mattes so I wouldn't have to re-render from maya everytime i need to fix something.
I can fix colors and do a lot more in post now, since nuke is really quite awesome.

So for right now, these are the newest renders - I pushed the saturation of the beads quite a bit, which I might change.

Check out the process from scratch here: WIP 1 Or the final posting here: Maasai Girl

Maasai Girl - WIP 1

Hello Journal,
I am going to backtrack a little bit right now and go ALL the way back to...December!  It seems like ages ago, until i counted the months and realized its only been 3 months ago.  Then i laughed.  :)
December was the month where I created the first asset for my demo reel - the Maasai Girl.
Before I start, I should mention that in November, I had a POC (proof of concept) of my demo reel and already planned through some of the difficult areas of the projects to come...especially the Maasai Girl.  I did more research on the Maasai Girl than most of my other projects because of 2 reason:
1)  December is the shortest month of work at Full Sail, since one whole week is chopped off the end, and I knew i would be running short on time, and
2)  there are A LOT of beads on the Maasai Girl.  You'll see what i mean.

Ok, now that the backstory is covered, let's talk about this Maasai Girl.  My modeling workflow usually involves starting in Maya, heading into zbrush for midre…

Connochaetes taurinus WIP 1

Hello Journal,
I was hoping to get this painting done by yesterday, but with work and classes, it seemed it was not to be.  :(  It ocurred to me however, that the work in progress is very important, and therefore i should post what I have done so far.  This way, I can look back and see how horribly it started.  :)  Besides, i hope this is encouraging to others to see that every work of art starts in the same place - with horrid looking blotches of color.  I call them "Splashes of Potential".  :)
Here is the reference link from Juza again:

And here is the unfinished Gnu, which I am hoping to have done today, if I have the time between classes.

To see the finished version, click HERE

Sunset 1 Speedpaint

Hello Journal,

I decided to quickly paint a simple sunset scene.  I find it interesting that in order to paint light, you must spend more time on your shadows.  Especially at sunset, because there is more life in your shadows than in the actual light.  The contrast between the two makes the light pop if the shadows are done correctly.
So, love your shadows!

Here is the reference:

And here is the speed painting.

Parus Cristatus

Dear Journal,
Here is another Bird study to add to  my collection.  It took me about 3 hours to complete.
It is a Parus Cristatus, native to Europe.  They make their nests in rotting tree stumps, which is probably why he is on one in the picture.

Here is the reference photo from Juza Photography:

Momotus momota

Hello again Journal,
I completed this piece in 4 hours, working on it off and on while checking on renders.  That's the nice thing about the rendering stage of you time to do other things.  :)

I love Nature and Wildlife, especially when interesting textures are involved.  Feathers and Bark...very interesting.
Here is the reference piece from Juza Nature Photography:

I did not copy or trace - this is straight eyeballing it.  The only thing i took from the original image was by color sampling some of the colors in the final stages.
So without anything else to say, here is the painting.

First Post

Hello Journal, It is dark and rainy here in Orlando, Florida - and since I don't feel very well, I decided to sit down and start this blog, since it has been something I have been wanting to do for a while now. I will be graduating Full Sail University on April 1st - April Fools.  Ironic.  :) Well, that is all for now.   Laters!