Shaolin Monks - WIP 1

Hello Journal,
Today I am going to tell you about my second asset...which I created in January. 
I will try to do as litte talking as possible...and just post pictures.
Here the reference pictures for the monks...very inspiring i must say.  I think what I like best about them is that they create some awesome negative space with their silhouettes.  It is very appealing to the eye.

Here is some of my pre-pro for this asset.  Usually my drawings contain a lot of nicely rendered out drawings...but the monks had more rough sketches and action lines.  It was more important get the feel of suspended movement than color and shading.

And here is what I wanted to do for the poses.

The hardest part of making this 3d was the cloth.  I ran into several issues, the most important being the thickness of the cloth.  In Zbrush, a thin piece of geometry doesn't sculpt midres detail because it ends up pushing geometry through each other.
There were several ways I could fix this, like laying out uvs properly so I could delete extra faces in maya and the extrude them again.
I used max for the shell attribute, which was awesome.
In the end, However, I just ended up importing a plane into zbrush and sculpting it like that.
When it came to rendering, I thought I was going to have many issues, but since I was going for a sculptural feel with the monks, It really rendered fairly nicely.
The problem I am having right now is that the shadows are flickering.  This is either because of the plane I am using for bounce light, the ambient occlusion in the mia material x,  or I just haven't pumped my samples up high enough.
I didn't want to re-render it yet though, since I am still working with the cloth, so I brought the footage into Nuke, as I usually do, and put a deFlickr operation on it, and surprisingly, it did smooth out some of my shadows.

I am really hoping to go into Nuke much more in depth soon.  It is a really powerful program.
So, enough of my rambling!
Here is the turntable as it is right now.

PCC2 - Shaolin MOnks from Anna Castro on Vimeo.

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