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Viper Wing Dragon - WIP 1

Dear Journal,
Unfortunately, I haven't had time to do any writing in the past month...there has been much to do and no time to do it in.  Thankfully, EVERYTHING seems to be done feels really strange.  I don't know if I like it, and my mind is already buzzing with new ideas for future projects.
On the other hand, having a few days of peace has given me time to get my stuff together and get back into documenting my work.
So, here is my Viper Wing Dragon, the concept I designed and modeled during the month of February.
So, as with all of my ideas, I started with an inspiration.

This concept is called a Gwiber and it was created by the artist gorrem on .
With this initial idea, I then did a lot of research on animals so that I could come up with my own concept:

What really caught my attention was the strange, double-jaw feature of the Viper Fish.

This unique quality become sort of the hinge for the rest of my research, and even thought the concept really ev…

Demon Horse Project

Hello Journal,
I am going to begin documenting an idea that has grown into a project - I call it the Demon Horse Project (simply cause that's what I initially called it).  :)
I am constantly sketching, especially during class next to my notes....and yes, I do take notes as well!  My notebooks do tend to look more like sketchbooks though...anyways!  Moving on.
So I was sketching one day in class, and realized I had been drawing several variations of one idea...a unicorn.  It came from the love I have for unicorns and their origins, as unicorns were not initially supposed to be loveable creatures.  They were greatly feared and impossible to tame, and their horn was used for....skewering...people.
So, I was fascinated by creating one, and as I explored this idea, I did stray from unicorn mythology quite a bit.  Unicorns were deadly, but still looked beautiful.  My unicorn, however, was...well...what I call a Demon Unicorn.  At first, the horn was inspired by a rhinocero…