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India Girl

Hello Journal,
So, it has been an interested few weeks here, as I have been working on a large mural for a stage set this week.  I will post the status on that shortly.
But since I finished that big project today, i finally had time to finish my India Girl painting.  I forgot to post the progress on that, so I will just post my stages here.

As usual, here is the reference for the painting:

And here is my painting progress, all done in Photoshop, and the only thing I sampled were my colors...I don't use cloning or copy/pasting for these paintings, because I am trying to build up my painting and compositional skills.  So, I just eyeball it.  It is better practice for me this way.
Mostly, my tools include -  a hard and soft brush, the eraser, and LOTS of layers and masks.  :)  Nothing fancy.

Stage 1 - Blockout

Stage 2 - Face Detail

Stage 3 - Clothing Detail

Stage 4 - Hair and Shirt Ornaments

Stage 5 - Final

There you have it.  She was a fun face to work on.  I think what I liked abou…

Maasai Girl

Hello Journal,

I think I am finally ready to give a good overview of this model.

Raw mental-ray render out of Maya

Wireframe contour

SSS maps painted with zbrush, mudbox, and photoshop

Some of the ID mattes I rendered....they are cheap and so useful in Nuke!

matte used for bead variance and dirtiness

other ID mattes....

So, without post.....

and with post....

Here are links to the works in progress, if you would like to know what exactly i did to come up with this result.
WIP 2   and  WIP 1