Shaolin Monks

Hello Journal,
I looked back on my monk post, and I realized there was much I didn't show, so I am going to give a final overview of the Shaolin Monk piece now.
This piece was meant to be a sculptural piece, so I didn't paint any textures for this piece.  In fact, I had someone ask me how I colored the monks, and the truth is...I really didn't.  :)
Nuke, once again, did the magic.

Here are some screenshots of my maya setup:

I also did a lot in Zbrush, because it was easier to get the organic folds of the cloth by sculpting them:

All I really used for the monks were my normals I generated from zbrush and Xnormal.  Here are two examples:

 So, if we zoom ahead a couple of painful render times, this is what I came up with out of Maya's mental ray:

But, knowing me,...I decided to have a little fun.  This piece was supposed to be a dramatic, sculptural piece, but while I was waiting for other renders to finish...(for instance, the ViperWing Dragon Renders..ha ha), I quickly rendered out some ID mattes.  I love ID mattes.  :)
 Here are some of them:

Aren't they pretty?  :)

They only took a couple of seconds to render, and so I was able to bring them into Nuke without much trouble.  And then I just had some fun, artist time and played with colors.  
In the end, I showed the colored playblast next to the black-and-white playblast to a couple people, and everyone liked the colored version better.
So, I decided to keep it.  I hadn't meant for the piece to have color, but if it looked better and it was this easy to do,  I decided to go with it.  :) 
So this is the end product:

If you would like to see a little bit more of the process, check out this previous entry - WIP 1
Or you can see them in my DEMO REEL!!!