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India Girl

Hello Journal,
So, it has been an interested few weeks here, as I have been working on a large mural for a stage set this week.  I will post the status on that shortly.
But since I finished that big project today, i finally had time to finish my India Girl painting.  I forgot to post the progress on that, so I will just post my stages here.

As usual, here is the reference for the painting:

And here is my painting progress, all done in Photoshop, and the only thing I sampled were my colors...I don't use cloning or copy/pasting for these paintings, because I am trying to build up my painting and compositional skills.  So, I just eyeball it.  It is better practice for me this way.
Mostly, my tools include -  a hard and soft brush, the eraser, and LOTS of layers and masks.  :)  Nothing fancy.

Stage 1 - Blockout

Stage 2 - Face Detail

Stage 3 - Clothing Detail

Stage 4 - Hair and Shirt Ornaments

Stage 5 - Final

There you have it.  She was a fun face to work on.  I think what I liked abou…