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Viper Wing Dragon

Hello Journal,
it seems like an eternity since I have sat down to write an update.  There is much to tell...but I think I will stick with simply showing what has happened.  Since I have covered both the Maasai Girl and Shaolin Monks already, I will share the model I developed after my "Viper Wing" dragon concept.  His name is Riddley, as named by one of my talented lab instructors, Seth Freeman.

This was a concept I came up with, after doing some research and getting inspiration.  Usually, I like to do some concept work in Zbrush, to give me a feel for the size and mass of the creature.  But since I had pretty solid drawings, I immediately went into Maya and was able to get the base mesh good and solid before heading into Zbrush, which is the way I prefer to work anyways.

If you would like to see more of this initial process, click HERE.

So, without further to ado, here is one of the closer head renders:

Since I was focusing on the modeling aspect of this creature, I really …