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A few concepts....Part 1

Hello again Journal!
I was thinking since I do a lot of sketching and conceptual drawings here and there...i thought i would randomly post some of these updates.  So, this would be the first of these posts.  :)

Let's see, i'll start with some creature sketches:

Some clothing studies....

This next one is a goatman concept I thought about for about 2 I roughly sketched out a couple studies of the body and armour (if he should wear any)

This next painting of a tiger was a quick study I did for a friend as a gift for her college graduation.  White Tiger Cubs are her favorite.
3 hours tops.

Here are 2 more full-color sketches that I spent hm...a couple hours on.  I am listening to the Salvatore's audio books, and so I think i had "dark elf" in my mind.  I am not happy with the outcome, but I will get better.  I try to post a good collection so that someday I can see my progress.  :)  Its a journey...and I really doubt I will ever get to the point where I am …

Storm Valley Speedpaint

Hello Journal,
I've been working on a lot of 2d art here recently, and came across an older speedpaint that i did.  This particular speedpaint was not referenced directly from anything, but rather I knew what I wanted and looked up reference images as I needed them.
I think it took me 1 hour to 2 hours...tops.  It was a little while ago.  :)