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Christmas at WildStar 2013 - Meet the Structures Team!

Ladies and Gentlemen!
For this christmas season, I present to you the WildStar structures team!
**LOUD APPLAUSE** We "Artify" the structures, micros, and interiors in WildStar!  These people are the most fabulous, spectacular, animated, and unique team I have ever been apart of, and I am stupendously proud of how far we've come and what we are doing.  Its been super neat seeing how we balance each other out and grow to be more efficient at..well...just being AWESOME.  :P
The dungeon experience we are striving to deliver is simply LEGENDARY!
I drew these postcard characters of each of them as an early Christmas present - it was hilarious how easy each of them were to do!

Aleasha - Lady of Mirth (she has a contagious giggle.  I'm pretty sure she also invented the shape we now call the cube.)

Rod - Dog Enthusiast (gets the googly-eyes when talking about shih tzu's)

Rutherford - The Boss (or criminal mastermind...whichever you prefer!)

Brent - Bearer of Snacks (he crea…

Thanksgiving Time and Sketches - some more concepts... Part 6

In my humble (but most accurate  :P ) opinion, holidays are ridiculous - they are frivolous, silly, and people make a way bigger deal out of them then they should, while simultaneously ignoring the only merits of that particular holiday (namely the history and meaning behind them).
I think if people thought critically about history more often (not just on holidays, if they even do that), we wouldn't make so many of the same mistakes.
That's what I would like to believe anyways.  :)

Also, do we need a holiday to remember the things we are thankful for!!???....that seems...very shallow....

Nonetheless, I will take advantage of cultural holidays as a time to see family and take a breather.
Since I am a history and food aficionado, I can appreciate the historical significance of the first Thanksgiving and also enjoy some of the most delicious food I have ever tasted!
This year I got to spend the day with a Korean friend of mine and enjoy some Korean cuisine....and it was DELICIO…

A few concepts....Part 5

Phew it has been quite a while since I posted anything.  I've been crazy busy and moving out to Cali has been a blast!  I love Carbine, and I can't wait till I can blurt out exactly how awesome WildStar is!  If you don't know what WildStar is, CLICK HERE!

Last year, my mom drove out and we had a blast fixing up my apartment (My mom is awesome).  Later, I was finally able to make my large cork board I've always been wanting.  This way, I can have some of my sketches where I can see 'em instead of in a box where I will forget about them.  :)

I'll just dump some random art here.  I actually made some time to sketch and paint.  :)
Feels really nice to rustle out some of my older sketches and paint 'em up!

Here are some random sketches I scanned in - just threw some level's on 'em and that's it, so they are pretty rough.  :)  Enjoy!

Don't ask why I was drawing weird trolls....I have no clue.  I just go with it.  :P