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A few concepts....Part 5

Phew it has been quite a while since I posted anything.  I've been crazy busy and moving out to Cali has been a blast!  I love Carbine, and I can't wait till I can blurt out exactly how awesome WildStar is!  If you don't know what WildStar is, CLICK HERE!

Last year, my mom drove out and we had a blast fixing up my apartment (My mom is awesome).  Later, I was finally able to make my large cork board I've always been wanting.  This way, I can have some of my sketches where I can see 'em instead of in a box where I will forget about them.  :)

I'll just dump some random art here.  I actually made some time to sketch and paint.  :)
Feels really nice to rustle out some of my older sketches and paint 'em up!

Here are some random sketches I scanned in - just threw some level's on 'em and that's it, so they are pretty rough.  :)  Enjoy!

Don't ask why I was drawing weird trolls....I have no clue.  I just go with it.  :P