Christmas at WildStar 2013 - Meet the Structures Team!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

For this christmas season, I present to you the WildStar structures team!
We "Artify" the structures, micros, and interiors in WildStar!  These people are the most fabulous, spectacular, animated, and unique team I have ever been apart of, and I am stupendously proud of how far we've come and what we are doing.  Its been super neat seeing how we balance each other out and grow to be more efficient at..well...just being AWESOME.  :P
The dungeon experience we are striving to deliver is simply LEGENDARY!
I drew these postcard characters of each of them as an early Christmas present - it was hilarious how easy each of them were to do!

Aleasha - Lady of Mirth (she has a contagious giggle.  I'm pretty sure she also invented the shape we now call the cube.)

Rod - Dog Enthusiast (gets the googly-eyes when talking about shih tzu's)

Rutherford - The Boss (or criminal mastermind...whichever you prefer!)

Brent - Bearer of Snacks (he created our "snack" table and keeps it stocked with goodies.  If you couldn't tell, we LOVE tasties)

Damien - Gangster Man (acts tough...but he's really just a sweetheart.  Also hates fish and has what can only be described as the "Super Sniffer" -  Best sense of smell EVER)

Vic - Dr. Apathy (he's in charge of making sure our "care-o-meter" stays appropriately low)

Max - Troll Extraordinaire (yep...pretty much sums it up.   Also, TriForce and Sushi)

Dan - Master Grumps (knows all the nooks and crannies around the nightmare that is XSI.  Make sure you top off his beast-coffee mug before attempting to talk to him)

If you haven't heard of WildStar click HERE!!!  It is an incredible MMO experience full of humor and some great killinz!

Here is my personal favorite class - the ENGINEER!!!

Alrightie folks!  That is it for now!  I must catch some shut eye before catching an early flight back home tomorrow!  I still cannot fathom I can do absolutely NOTHING for more than a week!  Reading, eating, sleeping, and drawing Time HERE I COME!!! 
I wish you all much joy, festivities, laughter, and time with friends and family!

I am resolved to have very little to do with cyberspace while on my break - so I will see you all at the dawn of a new year!

See you on the other side!