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Christmas at WildStar 2013 - Meet the Structures Team!

Ladies and Gentlemen!
For this christmas season, I present to you the WildStar structures team!
**LOUD APPLAUSE** We "Artify" the structures, micros, and interiors in WildStar!  These people are the most fabulous, spectacular, animated, and unique team I have ever been apart of, and I am stupendously proud of how far we've come and what we are doing.  Its been super neat seeing how we balance each other out and grow to be more efficient at..well...just being AWESOME.  :P
The dungeon experience we are striving to deliver is simply LEGENDARY!
I drew these postcard characters of each of them as an early Christmas present - it was hilarious how easy each of them were to do!

Aleasha - Lady of Mirth (she has a contagious giggle.  I'm pretty sure she also invented the shape we now call the cube.)

Rod - Dog Enthusiast (gets the googly-eyes when talking about shih tzu's)

Rutherford - The Boss (or criminal mastermind...whichever you prefer!)

Brent - Bearer of Snacks (he crea…