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Between Storms and Madness

Hi again Journal.
I do not have any art to share this time - I apologize.  
It is a rare night in Texas - the sky was dark and overcast all day.  When the sun went down, the clouds finally let loose - the rain is so loud, its no use putting headphones on.  There are distant flickers of lightning, and the ground murmurs with thunder.  Everything smells clean.  I am sitting at my drawing board - there are pencils, pens, and papers with unfinished sketches lying all around me.  I haven't actually drawn anything in weeks.  Its funny, that even with the incessant clamor of rain, it creates a kind of quiet.  The monotony of droning rain is soothing, even when so loud, and it forms a consistent heart beat that steadies everything.  When the storm lets up and it gets quieter, the silence almost feels louder.

Why am I posting if I don't have art to share?  Honestly, I'm not entirely sure.  But I do know that a couple months from now, remembering this time in my life will be import…