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Family is so much better than table flipping.

Rage Quit - To stop playing a game out of an anger towards an event that transpired within the game.

So today my morning was awful - all I wanted to do was rage quit by table flipping my actual computer desk.  I spent all morning trying to find an online selling solution that worked for me.  You'd think that would be easy...since all I am selling are simple, homemade cards with cute sayings on them.  BUT NOOOO....the morning is gone and I have accomplished NOTHING!  Well, that's not true.  I managed to wear several keys down to stubs on my keyboard and speak to many nice, but unhelpful customer service people.  All this time, other important art got neglected.  I will admit that all I was thinking was MY TIME IS WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS!   So there I was, in this viscous cycle of having too many options - all of them needing more information from me than I had to then I'd have to go research the research.... GAH.  I have accomplished nothing!
My mom came home…

Duh, fox girls make the best trackers!

The fad for paranormal fiction is kind-of overwhelming, and quite honestly, has produced some of the poorest writing ever, which saddens me.  That being said, I totally get why people like the modern-day "werewolf/shifter" concept.  I think it's because shifters are portrayed as mostly human, but with a side of themselves that is dangerous, frightening, or needs restraining.  "The beast within", so to speak.  Doesn't take a psychologist to know that people can relate to that.  The bible says it like this:

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?" - Jer. 17:9 ESV

On a lighter note, I like shifters because wolves are awesome - I remember pretending to be one on multiple occasions as a kid and thinking it would be awesome to have a perfect sense of smell, or be able to see in the dark.  If it wasn't so terrible for wolves to be brought up in captivity, I would want to own one.  :)

Here are couple of s…

Photobucket WHY!!!?

Apparently, Photobucket changed their account setups/permissions, and my current tier doesn't have 3rd part hosting (but it used to).  Doesn't seem like a biggie..but pretty much ALL of my blog posts from over 2 years ago are linked that way...sooooo....most of my images are gone *cries

Which means I either have to upgrade further, or re-upload all my images that are gone....I'm not crazy about either option.
So, here are some oldies of Lara & Mel that were taken off:

Anna, super quilled today