Family is so much better than table flipping.

Rage Quit - To stop playing a game out of an anger towards an event that transpired within the game.

So today my morning was awful - all I wanted to do was rage quit by table flipping my actual computer desk.  I spent all morning trying to find an online selling solution that worked for me.  You'd think that would be easy...since all I am selling are simple, homemade cards with cute sayings on them.  BUT NOOOO....the morning is gone and I have accomplished NOTHING!  Well, that's not true.  I managed to wear several keys down to stubs on my keyboard and speak to many nice, but unhelpful customer service people.  All this time, other important art got neglected.  I will admit that all I was thinking was MY TIME IS WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS!  
So there I was, in this viscous cycle of having too many options - all of them needing more information from me than I had to then I'd have to go research the research.... GAH.  I have accomplished nothing!

My mom came home and bless her soul, she listened to all my rantings without complaint.  Basically I table flipped all over her, and she just took it (which spared my actual computer desk a lot of pain).  Then she offered to help, even though I know she despises computer work...and we sat down to lunch, where she admitted that she had been really frustrated yesterday too.  With shame, I realized I had not listened to her, or helped to carry her frustration like she mine.  
Just like that, the urge to table-flip was gone.  With just a simple act of kindness, I was no longer seeing red and wishing death upon the world.

What am I saying?  Hmmm...

1 - Everyone has bad days.

2 - Although Lord Death is awesome, table flipping does not help (if you get that ref, props to you!).

3 - Family can be a priceless example of this verse:  "Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones."  Here is a picture of my patient mom with her 3 crazy girls...

I guess this day might have been productive after all.  Remember, tomorrow is a new day!

-Anna, the quilled muse


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