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Painted a different thing.... #1

Its a paintedbook!

This particular book is pretty much my favorite poetry collection, and I'm going to be sad to see it go in the give-away.  I painted this cover in an Impressionistic style because Impressionism is the "poetry" of the fine art world.  By definition, it seeks to capture a feeling or experience rather than achieve an accurate depiction.  I couldn't find a better description of poetry if I tried! 

Yours and full of paint, -Anna Castro
For more info on "Half Hours with the Best Poets" -

Concepting a Character

I absolutely love character creation.  I especially love when I get a really interesting character, and it produces all these images in my mind of how they might look like.  (Thank you D&D for all the character inspiration you have given me throughout the years!) I almost always start with an idea and a pen and paper sketch.  I tend to brainstorm faster this way.  This is why I always carry a sketchbook around..I mean literally always.  I just glanced at my google photos for 5 seconds and pulled up mostly pictures of sketches...

Moving on. Here is the starting idea for Keevah, a fallen Aasimar.  She is a human who awakened to her Aasimar blood at a young age.  Shortly afterwards however, she was touched by a great evil and it turned her radiance to darkness.  To fight against this, she became became a paladin, sworn to protect rather than destroy.  Her personal goal is to find a way to cure the sickness she bears and turn the darkness back to radiance.  To protect others from bei…

New Illustration Process

One of the many things I love about art, is that I am constantly exploring.  Even when you nail down a particular skill or principle in art, every application happens in a new way.  I have a great love of children's books and illustration.  One day, I hope to be able to illustrate in my own unique style - which is what this blog post is about.  I started working on developing my own illustration style that combined my love of traditional medium and digital software.  I've done a couple pieces like this, but I will focus on my two latest ones: a historical piece, and a fantasy one.

1st Step: Having an Idea Especially when working with clients, it is CRUCIAL to be able to roughly present them an idea, regardless of whether they are sticklers or not.  Not to mention that with art there are no numerical answers.  So, I have found that roughs serve 2 purposes:
a - Helps the customer have correct expectations. b - Helps me discern what the customer wants.
When these two are happening…